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We strive to synthesize the world's information into actionable insights.

We empower businesses to make effective decisions, and solve problems faster.

About Us

Our Values


We Move Forward with Science 

Glanceable prides itself on putting research and innovation first. Our AI experts are constantly developing new ways to leverage data, providing you with innovative solutions. Our platform is an "intelligent" machine, continuously learning from data and growing from experience.


Driven by Efficiency

Every moment spent on a SaaS platform has to be meaningful, which is why we built our platform with performance and responsiveness in mind. With Glanceable, every click, search or glance provides you with immediate results.


We Filter Out the Noise

Our platform extracts valuable information from complex and unstructured data to help you focus on what matters; less is more. Simplicity is at the core of our interface design. Every tool, layout and click was built for an intuitive, seamless user experience.


to Everyone

Glanceable is designed to work for everyone, whether for a small or large company, a restaurant or an app, at the brand or product level. Our platform is built for flexibility and can be configured to address your pain points.

Our Story

Reading many reviews and making decisions regarding products or businesses can be time consuming and frustrating. To solve this problem, we initially founded Glanceable to make purchasing decisions easier, faster and more effective for consumers. 

We then started to offer a B2B solution in order to help companies improve their understanding of customer’s needs. After years of research and development, we have created a cutting-edge AI-system which provides key pain points and actionable insights. Using a simple, fast and uniquely designed platform, Glanceable unifies customer feedback from all platforms across all industries.


Leadership Team

Team Photos_2023_Arthur.png

Arthur Cohen

Founder & CEO 

Team Photos_2023_Charles.png

Charles Dognin

Founder & CTO 

Team Photos_2023_Dan_edited.png

Dan Cohen


Team Photos_2023_Martin.png

Martin Mihelich

Head of Research


Interested in learning more?

Our team is here to help answer your questions, share additional information, or schedule a meeting for a live demo.

For inquiries please use the contact form, or email

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