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Brand Perception

Understand how your customers feel about your brand and why. Capture emerging trends. Strengthen brand visibility and loyalty 

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They Trust Us

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Understand Your Customers and Increase Brand Loyalty

Glanceable’s AI solution processes customer feedback from social media, review websites, audio files, videos, and internal data to give you an overall vision of how customers view your brand

Extract Emotion from your Customer Feedback 

Gather data from all sources and instantly see how customers feel about your brand

  • Assess customer sentiment 

  • See what emotions are displayed in your reviews or customer interactions, like love, joy or fear

  • Watch how customer sentiment evolves over time


Measure Customer Engagement


Monitor all customer interactions happening around your brand
in real-time

  • Centralise and analyse all your feedback across the internet on one platform

  • Integrate your NPS, CSAT and CES surveys

  • Generate powerful insights from your customer calls

Automatically Generate NPS from Customer Reviews

Use customer feedback to produce a Net Promoter Score (NPS) and estimate the future growth of your company

  • Predict how many customers are referring your company to others

  • Estimate how many customers are unlikely to buy from you again

  • Watch your NPS evolve over time


Capture Emerging Trends


Actively prevent problems before they occur and increase customer loyalty

  • Identify new customer feedback themes to solve problems quickly

  • View new reviews in real time from all sources in one place

  • Quickly understand new themes your customers are loving about your brand

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Gather Brand Perception Data from Everywhere 

Analyze every customer touchpoint to see how customers feel about your brand — Connect with top review websites or upload your internal feedback/customer calls to get a 360° view over your brand perception

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the Power 
of Customer Feedback

Discover the impact Glanceable will have on your customer experience

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