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Competition Benchmarking

Become a market leader by tracking your performance against your competitors

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Benchmark Your Competitors, Gain a Competitive Edge

Glanceable’s AI solution processes customer feedback from your competitors to help you compare their strengths and weaknesses and create an industry benchmark for you to capitalise on 


Identify Strengths and Weaknesses in Your Competitors

Analyze consumer reviews on your competitors to gain powerful insights

  • See what your competitors are doing right and leverage their successful strategies

  • Find weaknesses in your competitor’s performance and capitalize on it

  • Gain insights on their brand, products, stores, and services

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See How You Measure Up To Your Competition


Understand the customer experience your competitors provide

  • Compare customer engagement

  • Compare every metric and monitor your performance to the industry

  • Analyze customer sentiment to that of your competitors

Compare Yourself to Your Competitors in Real-Time

Understand where your company stands in the competitive environment, watch it evolve

  • Initiate strategies to have an edge over your competitors and measure performance

  • View how customer sentiment changes over time

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Gather Competition Benchmarking Data From Everywhere 

Connect with top review websites to get a 360° view over your competitors’ customer experience

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