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Feedback Management

Responding to reviews can decrease your customer churn by 15%.  Respond to reviews in one place to increase customer loyalty and improve your brand image

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They Trust Us

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Take Control Over Your Reviews

Glanceable’s AI solution allows you to connect with top review websites like Trustpilot and social media like Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. to improve review management and automate review responses

Respond to all Reviews from One Place

Connect Glanceable to top review websites to centralize review management

  • Respond to reviews from Trustpilot, Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more

  • Track reviews to make sure every review has been responded to


Automate Responses to Customer Reviews


Increase your review response rate and reduce customer churn

  • Let AI recommend and generate response templates for you

  • Prioritize responses thanks to our prioritization tool

  • Send responses in bulk

Share Reviews with Concerned Teams

Collaborate better with your teams to improve the customer experience

  • Share critical consumer feedback with your team and prioritize areas of improvement.

  • Send constructive reviews to improve a given area

  • Work together to increase customer loyalty

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Monitor key metrics

Actively prevent problems before they occur and increase customer loyalty

  • Identify new customer feedback themes to solve problems quickly

  • View new reviews in real time from all sources in one place

  • Quickly understand new themes your customers are loving about your brand

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Respond To All Reviews In One Place 

Easily connect Glanceable with social media and top review websites to respond to all reviews in one place

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the Power

of Customer Feedback

Discover the impact Glanceable will have on your customer experience

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