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Internal Benchmarking

Track and compare performance between your regions, stores and products. Replicate success stories across your company

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They Trust Us

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Maximize Profitability at

Every Level of Your Business

Glanceable’s AI solution centralizes all your consumer feedback to generate comparative insights throughout your business to help you distinguish between high and low performers. Replicate top performer strategies across your business to enhance customer satisfaction, revenues and growth.  

Compare Customer Feedback on Your Products

Get insights from your customers on which products are performing the best

  • Discover which products bring about the most loyalty and satisfaction

  • Understand why customers choose one product over another

  • Identify how to increase the performance of a product


Compare the Performance of Your Stores

Boost the performance of less successful stores to attain a more consistent customer experience

  • Identify areas that need improvement for any given store

  • Understand why customers are happier with one store versus another

  • Get insights into the performance of each store’s staff

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Gather Internal Benchmarking Data from Everywhere 

Analyze every customer touchpoint to to benchmark internally- Connect with top review websites or upload your internal feedback/customer calls to get a 360° view over differences between your regions, stores and products

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the Power

of Customer Feedback

Discover the impact Glanceable will have on your customer experience

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