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Get the insights you need to keep your company moving on the right path. Benefit from a global vision over how customers view your brand, stores, products and services


Data-Drive Your Company in the Right Direction

They Trust Us

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Data-Driven Insights for Better, Faster Decisions

Glanceable’s AI solution processes customer feedback from social media, review websites, audio files, and internal data to give you the insights you need to help you implement strategic decisions and achieve your goals.

Discover Where You Stand

Uncover the insights you need to assess the overall state of your business

  • Understand how the market feels about your brand

  • Evaluate how your teams are performing

  • See how you are performing compared to your competitors


Create More Strategic Goals

Acquire data to develop the most effective short and long-term strategies

  • Uncover areas to improve performance

  • Assess potential risks

  • Identify strategies that will have the greatest impact on overall revenue

Create Positive Team Collaboration

Enhance cross-team collaboration by diffusing the right data to the right team

  • Tractfully share how teams can improve

  • Share data on how teams are positively influencing the customer experience

  • Let everyone collaborate on improving the customer experience from one platform

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Oversee The Impact of New Strategies

Measure performance and strategies over time to ensure your business is constantly optimized

  • Track the impact of new strategies on customer satisfaction

  • Measure how company changes impact your revenue

  • See which strategies perform better than others

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Strong Decisions From

Strong Data 

Analyze every customer touchpoint to get the data you need to power your decision making. Connect with top review websites or upload your private customer feedback files/audio to get a 360° view over your brand perception

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the Power

of Customer Feedback

Discover the impact Glanceable will have on your customer experience

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