Increase the Effectiveness of Your Marketing Efforts

Better understand your customers, brand image, and positioning to create more effective messaging and enhance your marketing strategy


They Trust Us

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Customer Insights to Improve Your Marketing Strategy

Glanceable’s AI solution processes customer feedback from social media, review websites, audio files, and internal data to give you the insights you need to elevate your branding

Understand How Customers Feel

About Your Brand

Instantly view how customers think about your brand and watch how it evolves over time

  • Measure customer sentiment about your stores, products, services etc.

  • Evaluate customer engagement on review website and social media

  • Capture emerging trends


Improve Your Marketing Strategy, Increase Conversion

Improve your messaging and positioning to increase your conversion rate

  • Discover what customers love about your brand, product or service

  • Uncover how you are better or different than your competitors

  • Identify ways to improve your branding, messaging and marketing strategy

Improve Your Brand Image

What do customers do before they buy from you? They check your reviews online…

  • Positively respond to customer reviews to display the responsiveness of your brand

  • Reply to reviews to engage customers and increase loyalty and retention

  • Easily manage feedback reviews from social media and review websites in one place

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Process Customer Feedback from Everywhere in One Place 

Connect with top review websites or upload your private customer feedback files to get

a 360° view over your customers’ experience with your brand

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