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Strategy Management

Implement and measure the performance of new strategies on the customer experience in real time

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They Trust Us

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Listen to Your Customers, Make Data-Driven Decisions

Leverage Glanceable’s AI powered insights to implement effective strategies at all levels of your business. Create agile strategies which can be modified and optimized according to real time data.

Track Every Customer Facing Strategy in One Place

When you implement a strategy, document it in Glanceable to see how it affects the customer experience

  • Log and track each strategy 

  • Set goals for new strategies

  • Share strategy performance with your teams

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Monitor the Impact on Your Customer Reviews

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Identify which type of strategies are having a positive impact on the customer experience

  • Evaluate if customer reviews are increasing after a new strategy

  • Measure how impactful a new strategy is

Measure the Effect on Different Areas of Your Business

New strategies can have a positive effect in some areas but a negative effect in others

  • Get a deeper look into how a strategy has affected the customer experience

  • See how the effects evolve over time

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See The Effect of a Given Strategy on All Channels 

Analyze every customer touchpoint to see how it has been affected by a given strategy. Connect with top review websites or upload your internal feedback/customer calls to gather results

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