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Team Collaboration

Easily share insights from your customer interactions with your teams -  Product, Operations, Support, Marketing and Sales

They Trust Us

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Let Data Speak for Itself

Glanceable’s AI solution processes customer feedback from social media, review websites, audio files, and internal data to give you an overall vision of how customers view your brand

Encourage Teams by Congratulating Them on Good Performance

Use customer feedback to let teams know how the end client feels about their work

  • Share customer sentiment about a team’s work

  • Provide customer insights into a team’s performance

  • Show teams how they are contributing to the NPS and overall revenue

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Notify Teams on Areas of Improvement

Gain customer insights on how your teams can improve

  • Uncover ways your teams can perform better and increase customer satisfaction

  • Share insights on how customers feel about every area of your business

Easily Share Reports

on Team Performance

  • Share customer sentiment reports

  • Generate reports with areas of improvement

  • Share strategic insights on how certain areas compare to competitors

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Share Feedback With Your Team Coming From All Sources 

Connect Glanceable with top review websites or upload your internal feedback/customer calls to gather insights and share them with your team

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Discover the impact Glanceable will have on your customer experience

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