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Thematic Analysis

Leverage the power of customer feedback to find the most impactful ways to improve your business, enhance your customer experience, and increase your revenue. Get the game-changing customer insights your need on your products, stores, services, and more

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They Trust Us

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Learn From Your Customers,

Make More Strategic Decisions

Glanceable uses Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing to categorize customer feedback into themes so you can easily identify areas to improve. Customer feedback can be processed from social media, review websites, audio files and internal data.

Discover What Customers Like About Your Company

Get statistics on what makes your customers happy to focus your business on what really works

  • See which areas of your business produce the most customer happiness

  • Find out which departments are contributing the most to customer satisfaction

  • Uncover which products/services your customers like the most

  • Customize AI-generated topics by merging, renaming, deleting them or creating new ones

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Identify Areas Your Customers Want You to Improve

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Uncover areas of your business that are negatively affecting the customer experience to improve and increase loyalty

  • Identify specific areas of your business that are harming the customer experience

  • Uncover ways your teams can perform better and increase customer satisfaction

  • Find out which products/services your customers are not satisfied with and why

View the Impact Each Theme has on Your NPS & Revenue

Identify which actions could make the biggest difference for your revenue and customer satisfaction

  • Uncover areas of your business that encourage customers to promote your brand

  • Identify changes you could make that would have the biggest impact on your revenue

  • Watch the impact of your actions over time

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Process All Your Customer Feedback in One Place

Analyze every customer touchpoint to see how customers feel about your brand — Connect with top review websites or upload your internal feedback/customer calls to get a 360° view over your brand perception

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the Power

of Customer Feedback

Discover the impact Glanceable will have on your customer experience

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