Solve customer problems using actionable insights

We take care of feedback analysis so you can focus on improving customer satisfaction.


Improve customer feedback management with automated responses

Our AI-driven feedback management tool writes customer responses with the click of a button, saving your teams valuable time.

Unique, personalized responses generate automatically based on lightspeed processing of unlimited emails, reviews, comments or complaints
Tone of voice and editing options
allow you to control and personalize individual responses
Boost productivity of your teams and reduce your response times all while enhancing the customer experience

Define your customer strategy

Create tasks to solve customer problems and track your progress in real time.

Implement a strategy to resolve pinpointed customer feedback problems

Create Tasks

Set clear tasks to ensure follow-through on objectives

Keep Track

Track the performance of your tasks in real-time for continuous improvement

AI recommendations for optimized performance

Our platform reveals countless insights - look to AI suggestions to help steer your strategy and get the most out of analysis.

Get AI-generated recommendations for specific filters and subsets of your user reviews
Suggestions are automatic and tailored to deliver results
Save hours of time strategizing and prioritizing your CRM action items

Instant customer feedback analysis within reach

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