Understand and measure customer satisfaction

Save time and effort understanding data with Glanceable’s personalized dashboards, detailed thematic analysis, and advanced AI summarization

Stop guessing, start knowing

The dashboard is your daily control panel for monitoring and comparing real-time customer feedback data

Merge and cross-reference data using charts and split-views to effectively compare across brand, store, and product levels
Filter based on tags, customer typologies, communication channels, product segments, and more
Measure customer satisfaction with clarity and accuracy through comprehensive metadata integrations and customization

Dive deep with thematic analysis

AI processing identifies emerging and recurring feedback themes and sub-themes so you can understand every facet of customer sentiment

Glanceable automatically generates dynamic and potentially infinite topics and sub-topics found in your user feedback

Pain Points + Opportunities

Instantly learn about positive trends and points of friction for customers

Uncover key data with AI Partner summaries

Glanceable's AI Partner shares actionable summaries of complex data, providing immediate customer insights

Efficiently extracts key points and main ideas from detailed charts.
Adapts to user preferences and learns from interactions for catered summaries.
Supports decision-making processes by highlighting critical information.

Instant customer feedback analysis within reach

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